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Confidence. Excellence. Results.

Synapse Private Tuition was founded in 2017 by Susan Graham, a Biology and Psychology specialist with a background in NHS and Russell Group University Research.

Amassing over 12 years of student support outside of her 9-5 job and having a real desire to help shape scientists of the future, Susan took a leap of faith by leaving her NHS and University role to set up Synapse Private Tuition.

Over the past 3 years Synapse Private Tuition has provided hundreds of hours tuition to over 80 students’ as they studied for their GCSEs, Alevels, Degrees or Masters in Biology, Psychology or Business.

A staggering 99% have been successful in receiving grades allowing them to secure their first choice of course in 6th form and at university, including;


Business Management/HR

Criminal Psychology


Dental Nursing 





Veterinary Medicine



Based in Merseyside, Synapse Private Tuition offers bespoke tuition in-person and online, spanning across UK and into Northern Europe.


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